Dr Gallon and her friendly and efficient staff have been taking care of my dental needs for over 10 years.  They certainly deserve rave reviews for their expertise in every aspect of their relationship with clients.

It was nice to meet Jessica, the dental hygienist.  She was very thorough and explained everything she was doing throughout the session.  She outlined options for further care and contacted me later in the day with an update  and an additional helpful suggestion for using my teeth whitening trays with fluoride to treat my weak spots.  Overall it was as always a great experience end-to-end with very professional and caring staff at Dr Gallon’s clinic.

Since I was very young I’ve been a grinder. That led to very short teeth. Dr Gallon gave me my wonderful smile by applying veneers. Now I am not self conscious when I smile and I can assure our gets how fast and pain free the whole process is.

Dear Dr. Gallon, I have been a patient of yours for almost 30 years and would like to take this time to express my gratitude for the outstanding care and attention to detail you and your staff have provided for me. The recent dental work I have received from you has improved my smile to such an extent, that my self confidence has increased substantially.

I never realized how self conscious I was about my smile until my dental treatment was finished. My bite has also improved and no longer creates jaw pain and headaches. I feel like I am visiting with good friends when I enter you office. Thank-you and everyone in you office for kindness and care. With Heartfelt Gratitude

I have been a patient of Dr Gallon’s since 1985. Recently I decided to have a smile makeover done because of the problems I was having with my teeth after my kidney transplant. My teeth were cracking and chipping, the gums kept growing over my teeth and I didn’t like the colour of my teeth. This was on my mind all the time and I did not want to smile and did not feel very good about myself. I decided to invest in myself and went ahead with the treatment. The results are dramatic and it has changed my life. I now feel beautiful and confident about myself.

It feels great to smile and all the previous problems have been resoled. Everywhere I go people compliment me on my smile and ask, “how much did it cost” and I say lots and it was worth every penny. I felt complete trust and confidence in Dr Gallon and her staff to complete such comprehensive treatment. The procedure was done in a couple of visits with excellent results. I’ve never looked back,

I had noticed on photographs that some of my teeth looked dark, I was feeling self-conscious about smiling.  During one of my visits you explained it was because the enamel was thin, and we determined the best option was veneers.  I knew I could trust you to do a good job as you are a perfectionist and take pride in your work.  I felt comfortable with the process, the staff are great and create a warm welcoming atmosphere.  I am very happy with the results, my full smile is back and I am looking forward to the next social event to show it off!

Frankly, I don’t think there is a better dental team in the Lower Mainland for the following reasons: 1) Consistency. From the moment you enter the office to the moment you exit plan to get the friendliest and most skilled service possible. 100% of the time. 2) Progressiveness. Tried and true techniques are kept; new techniques are blended in to optimize health of the patient. For instance, the new instrument to detect oral cancer in early stages. Fantastic. 3) Patient centric office: comfortable chairs, TV on ceilings, choice of fluoride flavour and warm towel…almost akin to a spa! 4) Last but not least, an amazing staff who obviously take pride in what they do and care about the patients. For all these reasons, I happily travel over an hour to get to this office and would not contemplate a change. Thank you!

Leslie! Brad turned 60 this week and even though he was in denial and didn’t want to celebrate in any way, shape, or form, we were still able to drag him out to a WONDERFUL dinner at the new Cactus Club in english bay.
The view was spectacular, the company was charming ;), and it was a memorable night all around. When the bill came, I said “don’t worry, it’s on Leslie Gallon” and the puzzled looks turned to recognition as they remembered my winning the Movember contest. So many thanks to all of you wonderful ladies, and can’t wait for next November 🙂

Thank you Dr. Tamara Gallon, I felt very comfortable with you and was very impressed with your “bedside” manner and felt you really listened to my dental history. I will definitely request you when I return.

Jessica was really fantastic and always does an amazing job. I never fear coming to the dentist!