Dental Implant North Vancouver

Missing teeth can affect your health, your appearance, and your confidence. When you’ve been missing one or more teeth for a prolonged period of time, it can cause you to chew your food irregularly, which can place stress on your remaining teeth that can lead to breaks and other forms of damage. You will also be missing vital stimulation to your gum and jaw tissue, which could lead to disease or even bone loss as you grow older. This is all without noting the social cost of missing teeth, which could project an image that you feel doesn’t represent who you really are.

At Vancouver Smile Studio, we’re proud to announce to our patients that we offer dental implants that are expertly handled, from start to finish. In the past decade, there have been exciting new developments in the way that dental implants are prepared and placed. The technology to make lifelike, strong artificial teeth is getting better all the time, which is why even patients that already have dental implants may want to consider stopping by our office for a consultation.

Doctors Leslie and Tamara Gallon are experienced and certified to provide dental implants for many different cases, which include:

  • Single tooth replacements.
  • Multiple adjacent implants.
  • Entire arch replacements.
  • Implants that can act as anchors for bridges, to help diffuse the cost of multiple implants.

Your First Consultation

If you’ve never been a patient with Vancouver Smile Studio, then you’ll be completely pleased with how we handle our first consultation. We ask non-invasive questions about your dental and general health so that we can get a better idea about how we can provide you with the very best care. From there, we review your implant options so that we can find the most affordable course of action while addressing your needs. If you’ve ever been dissuaded by how much teeth implants can be, then rest assured that we put a great deal of effort into keeping the ultimate cost of our services reasonable and realistic for the modern family’s budget.

Once we’ve determined that implants are your best course of action, we’ll then tell you everything that you need to prepare, as well as illustrate the steps that we’ll take with each part of the procedure. We’ll tell you about our pain management options, which include pharmaceutical options and other forms of sedation that can give you a pain free experience. Because placing dental implants does require surgery, we’ll also make sure that the entire operation is safe for your general health profile.

Why Dental Implants?

  • Dental implants are perfect for teeth which are missing on the top or bottom of the mouth, including molars, which are the most used and most stressed teeth.
  • Our implant fabrication process means that we create teeth that are incredibly realistic. Other people won’t be able to tell they aren’t the real thing, even when they’re extremely close. Our implants are also made to be comfortable for everyday use, and durable, making them as good, or even better, than your natural teeth.
  • We use titanium screws in our implants, which bone can fuse to quite easily. This means that your recovery process will be manageable, and that you’ll experience a strong bond between the implant and the structure of your jaw, just as you would with a natural tooth.
  • For patients that may be missing several teeth, implants can be used on either end of the missing line to act as anchors for a bridge where one might not have been previously viable. This is great news for patients that want to keep their costs manageable as well.

Stop By Today

Want to know more about implants, and whether or not they’re right for you? Just schedule a consultation with Vancouver Smile Studio, and we’ll fill you in on the entire implant process. From start to finish, we provide both information and care for our patients to ensure that you get the best results well into and after your recovery. We also provide check-up care and maintenance for existing implants to make sure that they’re still the perfect fit, whether you’ve had them for months or years.