Crowns & Bridges North Vancouver

When your teeth have been damaged, or you’ve experienced issues with teeth that are weak due to decay and other causes, it may be in your best interests to have a crown or bridge fabricated. The right solution will depend on your individual dental needs, as well as what you’d like to see happen with your smile. Both crowns and bridges require preparation of the targeted teeth, but can be performed in much less time than you might imagine. For some patients, especially those who may be missing teeth, or who have badly damaged teeth, crowns and bridges can be some of the single best and most affordable solutions available to get your dental health back on track.

Female dentists, Dr. Leslie Gallon, Dr Tamara Gallon and the team at Vancouver Smile Studio in British Columbia know that every patient is different, and that every dental solution needs to be just as different for the best results. That’s why every patient who requires a crown should first visit our offices for an examination and a consultation. We will go over the benefits of crowns and bridges for your situation, as well as explain what your options will be with placement and care.

Not only do we provide top treatment for patients in the BC area, but we also restore and replace crowns and bridges that you’ve already had placed as well. Whether you’ve had a crown that has become damaged, or you need to be refitted for a bridge due to irritation or infection, we can work with a wide range of patients to ensure that you get the best possible solutions to fit your needs.

What are Crowns and Bridges?

crown is a cap, which can be made from either porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two. This cap is placed over a tooth which has been previously prepared. The cap can act as a defense against further damage to the structure of a tooth, or it can replace a part of the tooth which has become discolored or otherwise unattractive.

bridge is a series of prosthetic teeth in a line, which are secured on both sides by crowns placed on teeth which will act as anchors. Bridges can be used in many different cases, and are often preferable to partial dentures and other removable solutions. As with crowns, the teeth which will be used for the anchor must first be prepared before placement can take place.

The Vancouver Smile Difference

Both crowns and bridges both require medical expertise and artistry to proper fabricate and place. The goal with these solutions is not only to give you a functional replacement for a damaged tooth surface, but to craft a visual replacement for your teeth as well. That requires an eye for detail and a strong focus on getting everything right. Whereas some cosmetic dentists may choose to rush through the process, Dr. Gallon will ensure that every aspect of your crown or bridge is the right fit for you:

  • We make sure that your crown looks appropriate when compared to your other teeth, which includes both the shape and the coloration.
  • We also ensure that your crown is comfortable when chewing, biting, drinking, and talking.
  • We provide temporary crowns and bridges until your permanent crown or bridge is completed, and go through the process of “test fitting” your permanent crown or bridge. We won’t bond it to your teeth unless you feel absolutely satisfied with the work.

When considering your options, remember that the work involved with placing a crown or a bridge directly relates to the long term value of your dental procedure. The more expertly the fabrication has been done, the longer lasting the results will be, and the less likely it will be that you’ll have an expensive problem that will need to be repaired.

For the cost effectiveness, functionality, and aesthetic quality that you want, choosing the best dentist in BC is the right call. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gallon at Vancouver Smile Studio today, and we’ll walk you through the entire process of your crown or bridge placement, as well as review any information or concerns that you may have about your current dental situation.