Dental Hygiene North Vancouver

When it comes to taking care of your health, you may be making all of the right moves by eating right, staying active, and avoiding certain foods, but are you taking care of your teeth as well? Many people think that they can get by with simple brushing and occasional flossing, but the complexity of dental hygiene is always mirrored by the complexity of the foods that we eat. Personal care at home can help you to stay on top of your day to day dental hygiene, but a trip to a dentist for professional hygiene through cleaning and evaluation can make a world of difference in just how well your teeth are maintained.

Teeth That Last a Lifetime

When the subject of “complexity” comes up, in this instance it’s referring specifically to complex carbohydrates, which have been a steady part of the Western diet since Industrialization. More breads, pastas, and other processed foods have introduced elements into our mouths that our teeth were not designed to be able to properly grind, in addition to the damaging acids that bacteria that feed on these carbohydrates produce. The combination of food that our mouths aren’t designed to chew and grind and the increase in these damaging acids lead to tooth decay, which can lead to chipping, breaks, and painful infections at the root of the tooth.

The best way to avoid these problems is to take care of your teeth through regular dental hygiene, in addition to avoiding foods that may be high in sugar and acid on a regular basis. That’s where our professional hygiene services come into the picture.

At Vancouver Smile Studio, we know that it’s important to take care of your teeth for the long term. You want to have the exact same teeth in fifty years as you do right now. Whether you’re still young, or you’re getting older and want to make sure that your teeth will be there for as long as you are, we know where you’re coming from. That’s why our dental hygiene services are designed to be quick, comfortable, and non-invasive. Our process and our procedures are very low pressure, and target areas that you may have missed with daily brushing and flossing.

During the hygiene services that we provide, we can also spot potential problems that you may not have noticed, such as the early appearance of tooth decay or dental cavities. Part of having top hygiene also means looking for those warning signs so that they can be treated early, and so that you can avoid painful dental problems that can lead to higher dental prices. We help to protect your teeth, and your budget.

Great for All Ages

Great hygiene starts with building the habits of children, but you’re never too old to get your hygiene on the right track. We offer:

  • Cleaning for adults and children who have some or all of their adult teeth.
  • X-Rays, and evaluations to detect problems early and ensure you’re in good shape.
  • Fluoridated gels and foams, to rebuild the protective enamel on your teeth and keep your mouth feeling fresh long after you’ve left the office.
  • Tips and treatments for patients that may be suffering from “dry mouth,” which is when the mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva.

Laser Cleanings


One of the greatest benefits of living in a time with an increased focus on dental care technology is new services that we can offer to all of our patients, like the Piezo Scaling System and Laser Technology. With the Piezo Scaler, we can remove any calcified deposits that have accumulated on your teeth, and which can lead to gum disease. As with our other procedures, we make sure that you’re entirely comfortable throughout the procedure, and many find it to be unbelievably gentle on their teeth and gums.

The same is true of our laser treatments, which can be used to eliminate plaque build ups and restore much of the cosmetic beauty of your teeth. We can even use it to treat puffy and painful gums by using this precise, safe laser to kill bacteria that may be causing an infection in your mouth.

To learn more about our hygienic procedures, our laser options, and what we can do for your or your family, simple schedule an appointment with north Vancouver female dentist Dr. Gallon and the staff . We can show you how easy it is to keep the teeth that you love, year after year.