Gentle Hygiene Care

Regular hygiene visits are the key to ensuring your own teeth last you a lifetime!

They provide an opportunity to identify potential oral health risks, and give you the power to prevent problems before they become serious. Our hygienists are extremely valuable sources of information and work with you to develop a home care routine personalized to your individual needs. No lectures, just positive advice focusing on your concerns.

One of our guiding principles is to continually improve your experience in our office. The value we place on your comfort is especially evident during hygiene visits. Our patients give us rave reviews on our Piezo Scaling System and Laser Technology.

The Piezo Scaler removes the calcified deposits that can accumulate on your teeth and facilitate gum disease. Treatment with this system produces significant results and feels incredibly gentle.

The laser with its feather like tip makes for a pain free appointment and is effective in treating red, puffy and bleeding gums. It also kills bacteria.