Cosmetic Dentistry North Vancouver

There’s a lot that you do every day to make the right impression. You choose the right outfit to wear to work or out, and you always make sure to say the right things. Your teeth are part of making the right impression as well. From their shape, to their coloring, to any teeth that may be missing, your dental health and appearance will say a lot about who you are as a person. When your teeth aren’t in great shape, it can lead to lower confidence, diminished ability to speak in public spaces, or a general shyness that can make it hard to land a new job, make new friends, or just talk casually with the people that you know.

At Vancouver Smile Studio, our staff knows that just about everyone could use small, or big, improvements to their smile. From celebrity actors, to librarians and accountants, plenty of people look for the best, most affordable cosmetic dentistry in their area. That’s why Dr. Gallon wants to provide top cosmetic dentistry to the good people of the Vancouver area, and why we work to cover many of the different aspects of cosmetic dentistry so that we can offer our patients comprehensive services.

A New Way to Smile

If you hide your smile during interactions with others, or if you try not to smile for photographs, you may be interested in what cosmetic dentistry has to offer. Beyond the psychology that a confident smile can communicate to others, having straighter teeth can be healthier for your dental profile, and can lead to teeth that both last longer and look better as you get older.

With cosmetic dentistry, we can address:

  • Teeth which are misshaped, or misaligned.
  • Broken or missing teeth.
  • Teeth which have been discolored.
  • Gumlines which may be puffy, too long, or too short.
  • Long-term dental conditions that can affect the appearance of your teeth, such as genetic disease.
  • Gaps between teeth, both small and large.

Dr. Gallon can give you a brand new way to smile by offering services and procedures that target the specific areas of your dental health that you want to address. Instead of worrying about how much your dental procedures could cost due to add-on costs, Vancouver Smile Studio gives you accurate plans on how to correct minor, or major, problems that you may have with the cosmetic shape and look of your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry You Can Afford

We keep the costs low here at Vancouver Smile Studio by offering practical solutions, using the very latest technology and methods to get you results faster, and for less than you may have been quoted by other cosmetic dentists. Our services include:

  • Dental veneers, which can be used to correct the shape or appearance of teeth.
  • Protective crowns, to restore the look and function of a tooth that may have been damaged.
  • Tooth realignment through braces, from traditional options to new, invisible devices.
  • Whitening to bring your teeth back to their full, vibrant look.
  • Professional consultations before and after every procedure, so that you know what to expect.
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth with natural, strong prosthetic solutions.
  • Extremely effective pain management options for procedures that require any surgery.

And that’s just part of what we can do for our patients. Want to know more, or learn more about how we provide some of the most affordable and effective cosmetic care in the area? Schedule a no-pressure consultation with Vancouver Smile Studio today, and find out how we can make the difference in how you look and feel about your smile.

High Quality, Long Term Care

We also provide services that can repair or replace older cosmetic work, including new bridges, replacements for older crowns, and the refitting of braces that you may have gotten with another dentist. We’re happy to provide you with any information that you have about our procedures, the technology that we use, and much more.

At Vancouver Smile Studio, we want you to feel just as comfortable with us as you would with any medical professional that you trust. We love to hear from new patients, and rely on our results as our single best form of advertisement. The better that you look and feel, the more confident we are that you’ll recommend us to a friend.