Dentist in North Vancouver

When searching for a dentist in North Vancouver, it’s important to find a practice that can attend to the needs of everyone in the family. Everyone from your one year-old to your grandmother should try to visit a dentist at least once every six months for a check-up exam and cleaning. A dental exam is designed to catch problems early, before you see them yourself or experience symptoms. Early detection and prevention are key to long lasting dental health.
So, what exactly should you be doing between those trips to the dentist? Read on to find out.
Most people brush their teeth every day, and doing so is certainly important. However there definitely is a “right” way to brush. If you’re brushing correctly, each brushing session should last at least two minutes. The idea is to gently scrub the plaque off of every tooth using a soft or extra soft brush. If you’re not quite hitting the mark when it comes to brushing, have your dentist or dental hygienist give you a quick demo on proper brushing at your next appointment. They can help identify your problem areas and give you tips and tools for more effective brushing.
Just as brushing every day is important, getting into a regular flossing routine is also important. Ideally, you should floss once a day. When flossing, it’s important to be gentle! Think of the floss as a toothbrush for between your teeth. Floss should be used even when there is spacing between teeth, to gently remove plaque that the tooth brush can’t reach, or plaque build up just under the gum. Move in an up and down motion, adapting the floss to the shape of the tooth. Change out the piece of floss you are using as plaque builds up on the thread.
While daily brushing and flossing can remove plaque and bacteria, it’s also a good idea to use a rinse as part of your daily routine. As you may have noticed there are many different mouthwashes on the market. Your best bet is to get a recommendation from your dentist tailored specifically to your needs. For example, if you have gum disease your dentist may recommend an antimicrobial or prescription rinse; if you have problems with cavities a fluoride rinse may be recommended. Some of the store bought products can actually do more harm than good, so be selective when choosing a mouthwash and ask your dentist for recommendations.
See Your Dentist
Even the very best at-home care needs to be supplemented by regular visits to your dentist. Even if you’re on top of your regular checkups, remember that it’s also important to make visits when anything unusual pops up. If you suddenly experience pain, sensitivity, or other problems, it never hurts to book an appointment with your dental professional.
If you do not currently have a dentist, Vancouver Smile Studio is here to help. We offer dental care for the whole family.